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Personal Data

HSZ Group must comply with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, which exists to protect the privacy of individuals on personal data collected from them.
1 Types of Personal Data to be collected 
HSZ Group may hold the following types of information:
- Identification data
- Professional information
- Financial information
- Transaction or investment data
2 Purpose of collection of Personal Data 
HSZ Group shall not collect Personal Data unless the data is collected for a lawful and necessary purpose directly related to the activities of HSZ group and the data collected is adequate but not excessive in relation to the purpose for which it is collected.
3 Use of Personal Data
HSZ Group shall not use Personal Data for any purpose other than the purpose the data was collected for or any related purpose or any other purpose that has been specifically disclosed to and consented to by the data subject (data subject means the individual person who is the subject of the data).
4 Security of Personal Data
HSZ Group shall take all practicable steps to ensure that all Personal Data kept is protected against unauthorised or accidental access, processing, erasure, or other use.
5 Access of Personal Data
HSZ Group shall allow a data subject to:
- Find out whether it holds Personal Data on the relevant individual i.e. the data subject or some other individual authorized by the data subject
- Request access to the data at a reasonable time, on payment of a reasonable fee, with the data to be provided in a reasonable manner and in intelligible form and
 - Request a correction of Personal Data held HSZ Group. If a correction is necessary, HSZ Group must correct the information kept by it within 40 days of the receipt of the request. If we refuses to provide the requested Personal Data or make the requested correction, it must give reasons for such refusal within the 40 days period.