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Know What You Own

HSZ Group was started by our visionary founder Dr. Hansrudolf Schmid in Switzerland in 1999. Hansrudolf was a pioneer investor in Asia and China and saw the potential of the region way before others. The name “HSZ” comes from the three original locations of the company in Hong Kong, Singapore and Zurich. Since 2006 the company has been exclusively located in Hong Kong. Our office location puts us in an excellent position to educate our existing and prospective clients on China, keep them abreast firsthand of the economy and the equity market and help them to bridge the gap of East West perceptions.

Our structure enables clients and prospects to allocate an appropriate share of their portfolio to Chinese equities with a peace of mind thanks to a transparent, well-regulated and liquid fund, which is administered by top rated partners. In this way our investors can benefit from the tremendous opportunities China offers, with a GDP per head still less than 1/6 of the US, a market of 1.4bn consumers and almost 6,000 listed companies. Moreover, Chinese equities improve the risk return characteristics of any portfolio.

HSZ Group’s ownership structure is ideally aligned with its investment strategy that focuses on Entrepreneurial China. We have been practicing our investment style with consistency and discipline since 2003. Companies are selected purely bottom-up, centered on “inner strength” and “valuation”. The portfolio is constructed in accordance with "relative attractiveness". At any given point in time, we hold no less than 20 and no more than 25 listed Chinese companies irrespective of their listing place in our portfolio. Thus, our strategy delivers both adequate diversification and the ability for our investors to "know what you own".

In 2012 we added insurance linked securities (ILS) to our Chinese equity offering. Both asset classes have in common that they boast off a very low correlation with other investment markets. Since ILS is a floating rate instrument, it is ideal for an environment with rising interest rates.

We are investors on behalf of our clients and ourselves. We strive to achieve investment success by carefully choosing risks that we feel comfortable with. We are truly independent with an exclusive focus on asset management, free from any investment banking, private banking, or insurance agenda.


Stefan K. Kräuchi
CEO, Partner